Pro Football Headquarters at the Stratosphere Is Terrific Venue for Betting, Watching the NFL

Picking winners is just part of the equation for a successful NFL Sunday in Las Vegas. Bettors also want a place with comfortable seats that don't require reserving them two hours before kickoff; unobstructed views of all TV screens; enough betting stations so you don't get shut out; good food and drinks that don't squeeze the bankroll, and an ambience that is raucous but good natured. Happily for players, the Stratosphere has created such a venue it calls "Pro Football Headquarters," located in the casino's showroom.

As The World Burns, U.S. Gov't Stands Tall: Terrorism Reigns, but Online Gaming Is Targeted

As The World Burns, United States Gov't Stands Tall:Terrorism Reigns, but Online Gaming Is TargetedSome people might be concerned that our government has its hands full dealing with anarchy and terrorism, in a world dotted with crises such as the war between Hezbollah and Israel, the insurgency that has derailed stability in Iraq, North Korea's saber-rattling vis-a-vis its nuclear program, and Iran's aggressive determination to join the nuclear crowd, despite the rest of the world's negative opinion.Such concerns would be an absolute lack of faith in the pinheads who run

Bettor Hits 15/15 Parlay Card 4X For Once-in-a-Lifetime $300K Net Payoff

Contrary to popular opinion, lightning does on rare occasions strike in the same place twice; three strikes in the same spot would be an off-the-charts long shot, while a four-time strike would be a gazillion-to-one shot.In the world of sports betting, long shots do come in, 30-point doggies win straight up, the obscure backup to an injured superstar carries the day for a beleaguered team, and perhaps in a parallel universe, Mighty Casey did not strike out.But right here on terra firma in the good ol' U.S. Oddsmaker to Initiate Campaign Advocating 'Freedom to Bet' for U.S. Citizens Oddsmaker to Initiate Campaign Advocating 'Freedom to Bet' for U.S. Citizens Glen Walker Launches Democratization-of-Betting Drive On ESPN's 'Quite Frankly with Steven A. Smith'Taking advantage of a rare opportunity to appear on mainstream media, the representative of a leading online sportsbook will express the position that since Americans enjoy making recreational wagers, they should be given the freedom to bet.In what promises to be a rewarding and revealing program, the October 19th edition of \Quite Frankly with Steven A. Smith

New Football Contest Launched by Leroy's As Sportsbook Aims for Higher Profile

Leroy's has been around a long time, but the venerable sports betting shop with locations throughout Nevada making a concerted effort to generate more excitement and bring in new business. To achieve that goal, Vic Salerno, president, American Wagering, Inc., Las Vegas, parent company of Leroy's brought in legendary bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro to make things happen. As director of public relations, jimmy is devising promotional vehicles, such as contests, to help Leroy's get more mileage out of its 62 statewide locations and bring more patrons into the shops.

Media Calls Pats New Dynasty, But Non-Cover Win Leaves Bettors Cold

It ain't no dynasty if you don't cover!With the results of the last Super Bowl fresh in our memory, the media is bound and determined to belabor us by anointing the New England Patriots the newest so-called NFL dynasty. It was the Pats' third Super Bowl victory in four years, a 24-21 no-cover win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Jacksonville on February 6.But a hard look at the Pats' ATS record in its last three Super Bowls, 1-2, compels us to take a contrarian point of view; pyrrhic victories a dynasty do not make.

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New, Innovative and Free Bowl Game Contest Is Challenge for Players and Marketing Tool for BooksIn an age where obtuse language is the last refuge of frauds and scoundrels, there is one term that raises our blood pressure like a shot of Red Bull, it is the phrase \win-win."It is frequently used by those pillars of society

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A Match Made in Handicapping Heaven: Cyberspace Books and Las Vegas AgentsWhen the genie is out of the bottle, there is no telling how its newfound freedom might be exploited, but rest assured the maniacal little imp will have a profound effect heretofore unimagined.So it is with the dramatic growth of online gaming. Blend the confluence of the Internet with punters' urge to bet, add creation of cyberspace sportsbooks to satisfy that desire, and connecting the dots is a slam dunk.